Jessica has always enjoyed working out. She joined Ascent, (formerly known as FitMania) at the age of 12 and has loved it ever since. One of her first goals she set was to one day become a trainer, and when the opportunity was presented, she was all in!

She has taken care of her family and good health has been an important part of that. Jessica has always had it in her heart to put others' needs before her own. In early 2020, at the age of 18, Jessica's mom was in need of a liver transplant. She paused her life for 7 months to take care of her mom. 

Jessica has had several jobs during this time, but nothing felt right until the opportunity arose to work at Ascent mid 2021! She has never felt more at home, at work. She loves training, and working aside the Powells! She welcomes everyone and anyone to her classes!