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  • WHEN: 8 weeks: September 18th – November 13th 2021
  • WHERE: Ascent Life Fitness
  • WHO: Current and new clients to Ascent. Challenge will be capped at 40 participants
  • HOW MUCH: $120 challenge fee, $200 challenge fee for couples/partners, plus $90-$110 a month with an in gym membership fee; $49 a month for a FITLIFEstream+ membership.


You will set physical and nutritional goals before the challenge starts. On Saturday, September 18th, Challengers will meet at Ascent Life Fitness, in small groups, and go over their goals for the next 8 weeks. You will set workout and nutrition goals. You will spend time with a trainer “shopping for food”. 

WEEKLY CHECK INS: Challengers will check in with trainer Jessica Johnson through a weekly survey sent to them digitally. This survey will help us to track your goals and progress. Your responses will let us know things are going according to plan, or if necessary, will help us to make adjustments to keep you on track!

INBODY SCANS: You will take an InBody scan every other week. The InBody analyzer goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water values that are important for understanding a user’s wellness and fitness contexts.

CONSULTS/WORKSHOPS: Challengers will have consults/workshops to attend. At these consults/workshops, we will analyze your progress using your weekly/daily tracking of your workouts and nutrition. We will help you to asses if the personal approach to nutrition that you have chosen for yourself is providing healthy, maintainable results.


  • You must attend at least 3 workouts a week. If you attend 12 times a month, your monthly rate will go from $110 to $90.
  • 1 personal training/small group (2-3 people) session with Ascent’s personal trainer.
  • Take before and after photos.
  • Complete all 8 weekly surveys
  • Attend in house consults/workshops.
  • Complete an InBody scan every other week.
  • Complete 2 Bingo Cards.
  • Check in with/workout with your accountability partner once a week.

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