Sep 28, 2019


Fact of Life: Some people are successful, happy, well-adjusted human beings…
And some are not.

That is indisputable, but why?

People study this stuff and there seems to be a small set of skills or habits that people who are consistently successful do consistently. In our FitLife 90 Day Challenge program, these habits are developed. It’s not just a workout program.

I think Dan Cassidy wraps it up most succinctly in his article 10 Things That Successful People Do Differently. Here is his list.

How many do you do consistently? And how many do you need to develop?

They commit to their goals
And they persist until they achieve them
They take responsibility
They work hard
Find people who are doing what they want and emulate them
They believe in themselves and their vision
They take care of themselves
They rest and recharge
They constantly learn
They make mistakes and learn from them

These are 10 things successful people do. How many of them are you doing today? If not all, or most of them, it’s time to upgrade your behaviors so you can get the success you deserve.

All 10 of these habits are covered in FitMania’s challenge 10 launching in just 2 days! Here’s your chance to upgrade your behaviors in Fitness, Nutrition and Personal Development. And remember, you don’t have to live in the Boise area to participate thanks to FitMania LIVE.