All The Ascent Happenings: End of year 2019

Nov 20, 2019

 by Chad Powell

Check out all that's happening as we approach 2020!


It's almost been 1 year since Jessica and I took over the FitMania program! We are having the best time and hope that you are too! Even though our year is winding down, Ascent Life Fitness IS NOT! Check out all we have going on. We'll put a lot more detail below but here's a quick summary:

  • Winter Blast is happening! Sorry for the short notice! We couldn't pass up this popular yearly challenge. Starts 11/25. $40. Attendance based challenge with weekly AND grand prizes. Everyone gets a lightwieght Ascent hoodie of their color choice!
  • Black Friday Details to be annouced in the next few days!
  • See our full Holiday Schedule below!
  • End of Challenge = Change checkins scheduling now! See link below.
  • Maintain the Change Workshop! As we end the challenge, we're giving you practical info on how to keep the habits you've created and pull back on other things to make sure we focus on lifelong fitness. Not just 90 day fitness. December 4th @ noon live on facebook. 
  • Next Juicy Roll event is December 5th @ 7 pm @ Orchard! Spots limited to 20 and are going fast! See how you can reserve your spot below. 
  • We're changing/adding/evolving a few other things:
    • New Open Gym Class Tuesday Nights at 7:30 pm @ Orchard.
    • Holiday Referrals
    • FITLIFEstream onsite, on the hour at Orchard during the day!
    • We're unveiling a new type of membership on Black Friday that rewards you for attendance!
    • Starting next year we'll have a Sunday 9 am class at our State St location.

Ascent Winter Blast 2019

WINTER BLAST 2019-2020

Starting Monday November 25th, Winter Blast participants will be tracking their attendance on the ever popular attendance tracking sheets on the walls of each location! The Winter Blast will help keep you accountable all the way through the holidays ending on January 4th, 2020! Each participant will get a Winter Blast/Ascent branded lightweight hoodie valued at $30. Weekly prizes will be drawn for all participants who attend a minimum of 3 x per week! Weekly prizes will be along the lines of tubing hill passes, Idaho City Hot Springs, etc and of course our Grand Prize will be CASH MONEY! Look out for a link to sign up and sign up sheets at each location!

Sign up here!

Black Friday

Black Friday is almost upon us! Get ready for some sweet deals on Ascent Membership, our new personal training program, merchandise, swag… We are launching our personal training program with Trainer Lorissa and will be offering mega deals on 1 on 1 sessions. We’re also rolling out our new EARN AS YOU BURN membership so keep your eyes and ears open for those details! Coming soon!

Holiday Hours

All holiday classes are free for family and friends! Bring em!

  • Thanksgiving Day - 8 am only at each location
  • Black Friday - 6 and 9 am only at each location
  • Christmas Eve - No evening classes
  • Christmas Day - No classes
  • New Year’s Eve - No evening classes
  • New Year’s Day - 9 am only at each location

End of Challenge = Change

If you're in the challenge, set up your final checkin here. Checkins are happening Dec 12th-14th.


Schedule your check in here


Maintain The Change Workshop

Don't quit after the 90 day challenge!

On December 4th at noon we’ll be broadcasting a live video talking about how our challengers can Maintain the Change they’ve experienced during this Challenge. Challenge time is always a good time to hone your skills, work a little harder, be a little stricter… but often what happens when we exit our challenge mode is we fall off the wagon and resort to our old habits! Our Nutrition Specialist Kris is doing all she can to make sure this doesn’t happen on a wide scale! Clients will be able to attend in person or simply follow along online or watch later! No excuses on missing this one!

Broadcast will happen here


Juicy Roll Workout Recovery!

Prepare yourself for next level foam rolling!

December 5th at 7 pm at orchard. Don’t miss out on our next Juicy Roll class! The last one was full and we foresee this one getting the same response! Head over to Facebook and find the event and RSVP if you’d like to nail down your spot. Or simply let the office know! Spaces are limited to 20 so get on it!



Our program is evolving to meet the needs of our fitfam 

A couple of new or changing things: 

Open Gym - 

Join us every Tuesday evening at Orchard at 7:30 for OPEN GYM! (More affectionately referred to as SwollMates) Trainer Chad will be onsite helping clients with their specific goals. Get access to our new equipment. Learn new lifting techniques. Come hang out and have fun! Reservations are required! Reserve your spot here

Holiday Referral Reminder - 

Make up to $200 sharing the Ascent love! If you sign up a brand new to Ascent member before the end of the year, Ascent will give you $50 per person for up to 4 people!


FitLife Stream @ Orchard - 

Clients have been asking for this one for a long time. We’re happy to announce that we’re finally able to allow clients to come workout at various times throughout the day to do our FitLifeStream workouts at our orchard location! NO EXCUSES! Our life changing program was taken online 5 years ago and we now have people all over the United States streaming our workouts! Reservations are required for this benefit. Reserve your spot here



Earn as you Burn is a new type of membership discount that Ascent Life Fitness will offer to our most loyal of clients! We’ll reveal more details with Black Friday but just know for now that we’re basically going to start PAYING YOU TO ATTEND! We’re excited to roll this out. 


Sunday 9 am Class -

Starting with the new year, we're adding a sunday 9 am class at State St trained by Meghan Saboori! It will be a 3rd option for our leg day workout of the week. More details to come!

Schedule your checkin here