End of summer 2020 announcements

Aug 31, 2020

 by Chad Powell

Hey Ascent Fam!

It's been a crazy last few months with a lot of changes. Here's to new normals and crushing our goals despite the changes. Ascent will be here for you through all of this!


We're excited to announce our Summer Blast winners and share some upcoming event details. 

Let's get started with the LABOR DAY OUTDOOR WORKOUT! 

We'll be hosting an outdoor workout here at our new location on September 7th at 8 am. Last time we did this, it was a HIIT!

...Get it? 😂

But seriously, you'll see alot of the same things that made our last workout awesome:

  • FREE ASCENT T SHIRTS/TANKS first come first serve! (Don't worry too much, we'll order lots)
  • A worldclass workout that will surely help you crush your fitness goals. 
  • Lots of space outdoors in our parking lot so everyone can adhere to social distancing guidelines. 
  • Post workout fruit for a quick pick me up.

You must preregister for this class! That'll help us know roughly how many shirts to get. 

IF you're a member: SIGN UP HERE

IF you're new to Ascent: SIGN UP HERE

Here's what we're doing to make it even awesomer:


(must be present to win)

We're giving away all sorts of goodies by drawing:


All you have to do is stick around for a few min post workout!


And now for.....


We have 3 people to crown winners but i'd like to take a second to congratulate EVERYONE that participated. We get to give away $500 to the winner because so many of us teamed up to help each other stick to our goals. I mean, look at all those stickers!

And without further ado......

James Latta and Sarah Shifley are the winners for the last two weeks of Summer Blast! $25 to grub hub/door dash. Do yourself a favor and order Chipotle to your door 🤤. 

And the big grand prize winner is..... 🥁 🥁 🥁 


Congrats Kim! You get either $500 or 6 months of membership ($660 value).


Thank you all for your support and for being a part of the Ascent Life Fitness Family!

Till next time,

Chad and Jessica