Hey there Athletes! You may or may not know me, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Meghan Saboori and I’ve been associated with the Ascent team for nearly 8 years! Chad was my very first trainer in the Fitmania days before I became a Trainer with them. I have always loved our workouts, but even I wasn’t seeing the maximum results I was looking for until I REALLY started researching and dialing in my FOOD!
A lot of people don’t realize how important food is or just don’t know how to get started with a diet designed for the athletes we are here at Ascent. That’s what I hope to do by partnering again with the A-Team - helping our clients maximize their fitness goals by educating you about how food works as fuel and doing it in a healthy, mindful and balanced way.
As a marathoner, I’ve done YEARS of research on this subject for my own benefit and now I’m taking it a step further to become certified as a Sports and Fitness Nutrition Specialist in order to help others. I can’t wait to get started with our Ascent family and help you take your goals to the next level in the New Year!