Specialties: HIRT

Jessica has always had a passion for fitness. A former collegiate athlete and track coach, she has spent the last 15 years perfecting her fitness philosophies and researching best practices to keep herself, her athletes and her clients, strong, healthy and happy. Jessica takes HIRT protocols and strength training to a whole new level with each and every workout she writes. She takes great pride in Ascent's workouts and believes that there are always new and innovative ways to keep moving. Jessica personally strives to challenge each and every person that walks into Ascent Life Fitness to reach their full and personal potential. 

Jessica loves her husband and two daughters and is committed to staying healthy for not only herself, but for them. She did the Ascent Life Fitness workouts throughout both of her pregnancies and loves being able to be a strong mama before, during, and after pregnancy. Jessica loves going on adventures with her family and is an avid reader and writer.

Jessica welcomes any and all to her classes and hopes to make each workout the best 45 minutes of their day.